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Topicscape Lite

Simple interface for quick access to the world of 3D information management.

Supercharge existing software with Pro

Use Topicscape Pro to organize active information from MS Outlook: Bring important Outlook items into Topicscape Pro, push them around just as you want to without affecting their place in Outlook, and open them in Outlook directly from Topicscape Pro.

The same type of links, LiveLinks, work with other software, like MyInfo, Whizfolders, UltraRecall, EverNote and ConnectedText. This is useful because all your tasks and information can be consolidated in Topicscape and you'll have one central point for action and reference.

Import and export

Topicscape Lite has some import and export capabilities.

However, for the most capabilities, you'll find that Topicscape Pro goes much further. Our policy is to make it work with as many other information products as possible. You can import from PersonalBrain, MindManager and FreeMind. You can import outline-numbered text and OML, and export to FreeMind, HTML (with hyperlinks to your files), text, OPML and XML.

So what? What does this mean?

  • So you can take your Topicscape away to read in a text file or as a 2D list in a browser with active hyperlinks.
  • You can take mindmaps from other mindmapping software and import it to Topicscape and see your mindmap rendered in 3D - especially useful when the 2D sheet has started getting too big or too crammed. You can even do a round trip with some software.
  • You can import your outlines and tasks from, say, ShadowPlan to make a Topicscape.
  • You can export your Topicscape to an OPML outline with collapsible branches that can be viewed in a browser.

You can even export an entire Topicscape to folders and files, and re-import it if you wish to make a new Topicscape, with all of the structure preserved.

All of the exports and imports work with an entire Topicscape or just one branch (a topic, and all its descendants).

More time savers

Quickly preview many types of file in Topicscape Pro, right there in the Topic Center: Graphics files, web pages and common MS Office documents. The is useful for quick recognition of the item you're looking for. Previews have three sizes, so you can flick through thumbnails or read at full size.

Specific topics that you want to stand out in the 3D landscape can be 'flagged'. The flag can literally be a pennant on the crest of the cone or pyramid, or a color that you choose to be applied to all flagged topics.

Suit the appearance to your environment. Topicscape Pro has two skins but many additional skins are free.

The skins can be customized in many ways, including color, transparency, three model styles, new 'materials' for the topics, new ground textures, and different schemes for coloring topics based on user's individual choice or position in the structure. You can see samples of some of the skins for Topicscape Pro here .

Topicscape Pro is much more powerful in conquering troublesome web pages that don't want you to make a web archive file (.MHT) from them. Now you can save many web pages on your local disk and view them just as they look on-line. Topicscape Box Pro can do the same and comes as standard with Topicscape Pro.

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