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Visualizing your information with ease

Benefits for those seeking simplicity

Benefits for those seeking simplicity

Imagine sitting down at the start of a day and seeing your tasks set out in front of you in a 3D landscape. Or opening a reference source and seeing the information laid down in another landscape, all organized in the way that you have decided, with notes about files directly attached to the files, a record of the author, perhaps, and its source.

3D Topicscape Lite makes your life easier as it gives you direct visibility of your To Do lists and information.

Increase your confidence in mastering your multiplicity of tasks in hand, and visualize your information in a way that you can do with no other software.

Learn how to use it with built-in self-running demos that you can pause at will.

Benefits for experienced knowledge workers

3D Topicscape Pro is the full-out information organizer that builds on the simplicity of Topicscape Lite to give you more flexibility in how you organize your information by introducing loose associations. As the same piece of information can appear in several places (without dangerous duplication) you can find things more quickly. It even lets you make full 3D concept maps by describing associations.

Have you ever struggled with multiple copies of a document and you're not sure which is the right one? Or worse, they may both have added text in them. Now you can avoid the accidental copies that lead to this problem when introducing files to Topicscape: Pro has a built-in duplicate checker that can find identical files, or report files with the same name but dissimilar content. Storing different files with duplicate names is not a problem if it's what you want though. It's handled automatically so you won't need to worry about newly-introduced files overwriting existing ones accidetally.

With Topicscape Pro, you'll find that you can quickly improve your information organization as you go, in a way not possible with any other product. See new relationships, merge topics together and merge folders into topics. Add rich text descriptions (color, fonts, images) to topics and occurrences. Make your Topicscapes portable - Pro supports thumb drives.

Some topics are colored so that they stand out. Inside the topic cones, the documents, web pages or notes are also colored

3D Topicscape Pro provides a toolbox for serious personal knowledge management, with many skins, flagging options and color-coding possibilities to suit each individual's need.

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