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3D Topicscape is the eye-popping information organizer that soon you won't want to turn off, because you'll be using it to organize your files, notes, web pages and To Do lists.

Eye-popping clarity with 3D Topicscape Pro or Lite

Topicscape the incredible information organizer

There is nothing, absolutely nothing, that matches Topicscape for the unique clarity of vision it gives you across your files, notes and tasks. Compare it with any other information organizer.

Don't miss this chance to get all your information organized so that you can find it again. Word and phrase search? Of course Topicscape has them, but can you always think of the right phrase to find something that you just know is on your PC if only you could remember the words? Or do you have to search through an interminable list of search results before finding what you want?

Topicscape gives you the best of three worlds: Information organized as you want it; Many forms of search; and placement in a visual landscape, where that illusive document comes to hand because you recognize where you are.

Take it all in

Take in so much with one glance, explore deeper in an area of interest instantly, reorganize easily as circumstances change or new information comes in.

Fly and zoom

Fly, zoom, and re-center around a new topic. Drag folders in to see them in laid out in a 3D landscape, then re-organize them as you can never do in Windows.

Solve that "copies-in-many-places" problem

Unlike other information organisers or Task List managers, 3D Topicscape lets you store the same file or note in several places - and we don't mean copies, the same one.

So a file can be found in several places: Make a change in one location and you'll find that all the others have changed. For example, you could have a task under High Priority, Today and Bank Account, all at the same time.

Save time. Take full control of your information and find things quickly.

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